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DISCUSSION AND LEARNING: Skills, Safety and More
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Impressive rescue Hope, Alaska
Is Paddle Net dead?
Another canoe company on the scene
cool tip--ruddering to surf
Rapid Survival System - Swiftwater Rescue
Yukan Canoe courses this summer
Canoe review- Covert 9.3
Upcoming Swiftwater Rescue Course
Snow water equivalence 2017 vs 2016
Low Head Dams
FYI - Where to live in BC for ww canoeing? (post on c-boats)
New RCABC Facebook Group
How to lead and organize Club trips on Class 3/3+ rivers
On-line resources for slalom technique
LCCC members review Blackflys in the club's Sept Newsletter
Grand Canyon
Welcome back Rick
"My First Solo": park & practice follow-up
Black Fly has left town - boats commentary
Welcome new ww canoeists and PNet lurkers
Beaver Canoe Club looking for web & newsletter help
Revised grading system
R U ready for the (big) Quake?
BC Snow Survey
Beavers on the Freeway??
Lessons Learned: Helmets
Who's that yellow L'Edge?
Esquif's T-Formex (and also TheTallCanadian)
Definition of canoeist...
Portland Water park ?
Whitewater Instruction -- Improving/Increasing
Seymour Canyon open boated?
Tele Skier?
Slalom Gates below Dollarton Bridge on Seymour River
Merry Christmas to all...
Hello I am new ! (rafters take note)
Liability Waiver humour
Xmas present
RCABC Fall 2015 CANEWS newsletter
Olde Time Playboating tricks
Group BUY - Echo Paddles brought west???
CKBC Strategic Planning Questionnaire-
Kayak industry survey
Blackfly Canoe Demos and Clinic
"Survey says" tips for successful canoe clubs
Trip Awareness for Club Paddlers by Teresa Gryder
Where are you, Paddle Net members?
Cross-provincial ww canoeing instructors
Rachael's Lucky Day
Outrage & Outrage X in glass
Dan, Marlene...
A video montage and sneak peek of the Beavers 2016 trip sche
Looking back first
mdeagazio ? (PaddleNet elsewhere)
Learnings from Practice - do circuits
Learnings from Practice - upper & lower body separation
Learnings from Practice - spins and exits
Das Pump
Meetup Groups - How do they relate to clubs and forums?
Helluva scary would you have handled it?
Bailer preferences
Shopping South?
re-outfitting Royalex boats (solo to tandem)
Interesting article in....
#3-Escaping Holes: LCCC #3
Care and feeding of Mentors
Boreal River Rescue: always a good time
Eddy turns question
It's always Learning Season again
Waterproof drone camera to record your runs
(Lack of) Training opportunities for ww canoeing
Beaver sites
Holes #2 from Theresa
The Final Word, a film from 1935
Sandy Crane technique(s)
The marketing of ww canoeing
On the other hand...
What does a fish see?
Stop a Massive Construction Project in the Grand Canyon
Discussion of Canoe Rescue Techniques [Combined Threads]
The last Royalex boat moulded at...
American Whitewater Fatality Report - Denis Brown
Understanding Holes: Part 1- LCCC Newsletter March
Rescue Decisions and Use of Throw Ropes
Esquif canoes ---They're Back
Time wasting link
"That dumb?"
James Wakeling
Anyone try an Esquif Raven?
no more traffic jams
What have you left behind?
amphibious velomobile
Group decision making and wilderness river travel
New royalex is here!
Seymour River Estuary News from Metro Vancouver
Trash Talking on PNet!
More for your Moneypenny
Ocean Canoeing
Rock Spin video
stolen canoe recovered-video
California running out of water...
"Whitewater 101": Class II eddy turns
so you think you canoe
History re: Mamquam access
throw bag practice
The C-1 Thread
Foot entrapment - Description of a river rescue
Yukon seat sale
On-line resources for learning ww canoeing
Eat, Drink and be Wary - How to stay safe on the river
drysuit w/ ankle gaskets q
Commuting in Yellowknife Bay
dry suit gaskets
Crack in our boat
Trevor- Merganser
Intel From The Dark Side
Elaho C-1
Inflatable or packable/foldable canoes
Norovirus and Giardia
Self Help and rescues
No comment
Yukon river Race
Passing of Dinty Moore, Dogwood founder
Rick Mercer Rant
ideas for missing seal on kid lid?
Locked out! Rescue gear reminder
Rescue techniques
"Greening" of shuttle vehicles
It's official. I have sold out!
Epic river rescue...
Ski season
Mohawk no royalex
Dream on
"Royalex is Dead'
Loose Hips Save Ships
Canadian canoeist returning to map uncharted waterfalls
Mamquam eddy practice - what could I learn?
Rescue procedure: What would you do?
Converting a Nitro to a Tandem
Beaver Canoe Club has a facebook page
Roscoe, this one is for you
Twist lock valves for air bags
What we learned at our SWIFTWATER RESECUE course
Air Bag Repairs /The Blackfly's Cracked
Middle Fork of the Salmon....
Happy Earth Day - Chilliwack River
Pumping (Pimping?) out a Caption
Open Boating versus Kayaking
shipping advice
Who left blue rain jacket at Beaver Club meeting 10April2013
Kevlar boat repair
River Rescue Videos
Level Six Dry Suit Repair Facilities
Vandals cut down slalom gates at Tamihi
Sex ed and Basic paddling
Cheap flights to the Yukon today
Rivers, Instruction and Boats in Yukon (yukancanoe)
Bring Eli West for advanced instruction
Warm Places to Paddle
Merry Christmas!
Port Mann canoe toll
Video of the Day
What was ??
A Better Brace
Free project drysuit - GONE
Why bother?
Canoeing poses a threat to Harper
diy vinyl tie downs
please recommend a canoe
The Town Pumps
The Blackfly and L'Edge
Canoe to work on the Bow River
A little clarity about Paddle Net...
Dragon boating - Is it canoeing??
Beware fraudster using Mec gear swap
Octane 92 boat review
The Paddling Bryans
How to teach ww canoeing ....?
Big Zippy
Where can I get a drysuit for canoeing to fit my 6'8" f
New Years Resolution #1
merry Christmas
Thank you Neil Fried
High Sierra Safety
Sweet Skills Training Video
PaddleNet Frozen? (and Chilliwack discussions)
Solo canoe to borrow (or buy?)
Green River race vids
Wildwater Film
Keel Eazy Skid Plate Experiment
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