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Aquabound Odessey 7 ww canoe paddle - new, uncut, $50
free to a good home: 1/2 can of Vinyl-tec 2000
Imported Neck and Wrist gaskets for your..
Whitewater canoes and kayaks - ALL 5 ARE SOLD
Canoe (and Kayak) instructors need in Burnaby
Necky Zip C1 for sale $200 OBO
Caption for sale $500
9.5' Tributary HD Raft
Solo Whitewater Canoe - Evergreen Solito - SOLD
Center Bag $0
Esquif Nitro for Sale - SOLD
C-1s up for grabs
Probe 11 in Portland
Neoprene Hood
Predator Helmet 4 Sale
Cheap Redline C-1 in Victoria
Canadian Kokatat Repair Facility (gaskets)
Assorted C-1s and Kayaks for Sale
13' Descender for sale
For Sale: Wavesport Big EZ C1
Octane 92 tandem canoe
Found:Wooden canoe paddle on Lower Cheak
Dagger Prophet - Seattle $400
For sale
Wanted: Saltwood 56"
Craigslist: Kevlar Clipper Tripper and skirt
Bell Prodigy - Eugene Oregon, $US 450
Encore for Sale in Portland
Wanted - canoe rental (preferably wooden - for wedding decor
Canoe trailer/camper $1200
drysuit for sale $350 men's med goretex in great shape
For Sale: Clipper Tripper *SOLD*
Northwater Canoe Saddles
Dagger Caption Whitewater Canoe - SOLD
Cheap OT Tripper on Craigslist
Quetico E-topo 1:50k & 1:250k digital topo maps
Harmony/Perception ww paddles, big & straight, $40ea
Wavesport Habitat 80 for sale in Bellingham
Another deal !! (tandem Legend in OR)
2 L'Edges- that is TWO, for sake
Lightning paddle FS in Steveston
Dagger Caper (pre-Caption), $350 no saddles
Wanted *C1 slalom boat* and Black Fly OC-1 Freestyle
Kayak Instructor - City of Burnaby
Dagger caper for sale
Drysuits on sale at Western
Occoee for sale
Caption by Mad River
WTB: Mad River Outrage
just in time for Christmas
Canoe Pole on Craigslist (and paddles) - Langley
Nice looking (by the picture) Dagger Rival in Victoria.
Western Canoeing & Kayaking
Middleton's Boats - canoe sales, rentals and supplies
Prodigy X by Bell.
16' river canoe wanted, cheap
Used Outrage $400 in Hope *sold*
Dagger Impulse FS $650, well outfitted
Genisis canoe & Lightning blades
Assorted C-1s and kayaks for Sale
Rodeo canoe $200 - chopped down Ocoee *SOLD!*
Nice canoes on Craigslist & MEC
Western Canoe sale 22Aug2015
Blackfly Option f/s -- SOLD!
New L'Edge Light for sale-Portland
Mohawk Viper 12 canoe for Sale (in Virginia) *SOLD*
Looking for a boat to borrow this weekend
Swift Winnisk on Craigslist
Suggestions for managing waterproof cameras (sand, water)
Canoe Floatation Bags *** SOLD ***
Esquif L'Edge for sale *SOLD*
Caption wanted
Stitches repairs
2010 Jackson 2 Fun Kayak plus skirt $300
CCE stolen boat
Mad River Synergy- materials and feedback
Dagger Phantom for sale in Boulder, Colorado
FYI: Paddle bag for loan
Lost & Found: Throw bag
More tandems: Hellman Scout, NC 17' Prospector
Dagger Ovation in Bend Oregon - $450
Boat transport need - Kelowna-Vancouver
Novacraft Prospector, 16' Royalex $800 *SOLD*
Detonator in Spokane - $800
Sold out the garage...Dagger Caption, Hellman Slocan,...
Outfitted for ww Esquif Presage $1800
viper 12 tandem for sale *SOLD*
Demo L'Edge For Sale
Blast for sale
c-1 creek boat to rent/borrow
Old Town Otter
Whitewater Kayak, Hybrid longer PLAYBOAT
Probe for sale
Wanted - Wavesport Thigh hook from Foreplay, XXX, Siren
Esquif Nitro for Sale
Pair of airbags, $30, 62" by 40"
Looking for a Taureau
WaveSport BIG EZ C-1
For Sale - Liquid Logic Remix 69 C1 $350
Gear repair services - boats
Gear repair services - drysuits & stitchin'
Solo boat f / s in Esquimalt
Good deal on an XL dry suit
Dagger Quake $500 on the island - SOLD
Nice ww tandem (MR Synergy) in WA - $800 w extras
WTB - small all rounder kayak
For Sale Esquif Nitro
Paddling Gear For Sale (Galasport)
Group Buy: Blackfly Canoes?
Dagger Axiom 6.9 kayak for sale $300 with skirt. *SOLD*
Brand-new L'Edge f/s in the U.S. -- $750
Hellman Otter for sale
Mitchell Premier and H20 paddle for sale
Glass Viper 11 $650, looks great
Solo Mad River Outrage-fully outfitted $1200.00
$900 Clipper Probe on MEC *NM*
Somekind of ww raft
17' Novacraft Prospector $1,100 on MEC *NM*
Canoe- Solo Mad River Outrage - Fully Outfitted For Sale
Cheap XL drysuits on MEC gear swap *NM*
Wildwater Downriver Racing Boats wanted
Encore for Sale in Portland
Hellman Otter in Quesnel
Canoe auction/sell-off - New Royalex Canoes - $1000
Free C-1 in Vancouver
Goretex Repairs in Vancouver
Probe Tandem
For Sale - Aire Tomcat Tandem Inflatable Kayak ***SOLD***
Clipper Tripper $975 on Craigslist
Brand New L'Edge for Sale $1300
For Sale - Solo Mad River Outrage $1500
On MEC: Novacraft Prospector $1,200 in Gold River
another 15' Mad River ME $300!
Mad River 15' "ME"s
Calgary to Vancouver...Can you bring a boat out for me?
Esquif Zephyr $800 on MEC *NM*
dagger rivals for sale - Seattle
Esquif Blast in Canmore, on MEC Gear Swap *NM*
Solo Mad River Outrage For Sale
Dagger Axiom 6.9 kayak for sale $400
Creeker starter kit - L'Edge and all the fixin's
Dagger Caption in Calgary, $1,200 on MEC *NM*
Mad River Explorer
Solo Mad River Outrage For Sale
Mad River Freedom w/bags, $900 New West
Synergy in Anacortes - $1,400
Old boats -- reduced prices
Werner Bandit for sale
Composite Creations BULLDOG
Looking for inexpensive medium large man's drysuit
Small drysuit $400 on MEC
Wood-Trim L'Edge in Edmonton
16' Old Town Appalachian for sale-SOLD
15' Pakcanoe Solo S Folding Prospector Style Canoe (Sold)
Rick's Wheelboy C-1
Swift Winisk For Sale
More from the Multi-Quiver Boat Sale:
CL: Outrage in Langley (Sold)
Canoe spray skirt
Old Town Cascade - 14' ww canoe *SOLD*
Blast going cheep
Clipper Ranger $700-Sold
Grab your bowl -- it's raining soup!!
Outfitted + Dagger Caption for Sale- Bellingham, $1,000
Looking For a Zephyr
Clipper (WCK) Viper 11 - $800 (Burlington, WA)
Good $800 Genesis on MEC *NM*
Probe 12 and Riot Inferno - SOLD
$30(!) Drysuit on CL: needs gaskets
Esquif Raven for sale $1200
16' Royalex MR Prospector $1000 in Bellingham
Old Town Discovery 158 and 169 Canoes For Sale
Advice on purchasing tandem whitewater canoe
Wanted 48" Red Nylon 3D solo bags
Upgrade your quiver with something contemporary! BF Option.
3 Outrages FS - 2 in OR, 1 in Mission, $700-800
And a Dumoine, happy shopping new Beavers...
Looks like an Explorer too, $850, less outfitted
Dimension & ME on Craigslist - ME now $600, now 500
For Sale: Mad River Outrage
Wanted: City of Burnaby - Contract Canoe Instructor
For Sale - Mohawk Viper 11, $375 **** SOLD ****
Outfitted Mad River Explorer $825 on Craigslist
Strong Labourers wanted 4Feb BOATSHOW. Closed - we hired!
XL Kokatat drysuit on MEC, 8/10, $350 *NM*
Ocoee for sale in kaslo $400
Dagger REDLINE C-1
Dagger Caption $750 Seattle, WA
Clipper Probe in Kamloops $950 on MEC
CL Mohawk in Portland $400
Wanted Playboat/Freestyle C-1 or Kayak
Western Canoe & Kayak, Summer Sale starts 25 Aug 2012.
Free WRSI Current Helmet
Thule load bars, 50" and rain gutter feet
Kokatat Gore Tex Meridian Drysuit
WTB Kokatat GFER / WGFED - new
Solo boat wanted.
Esquif Nitro for sale in East Van ($500) - SOLD
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