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TRIP REPORTS: Tales, Photos and Video
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Good-bye to Tanis, Pat and Family
"Hit a bit of a snag there." Thumbs down.
Tales from the 'Near Abroad'
Keeping Track of the tallcanadian
Paddler Salad on the Cap
North Shore rivers, June 2
The Beavers visit the LCCC'ers- Easter 2017 video
Leslie Mix from Anacortes just won a big award
Seymour: difference between 2 (10 m3/s) & 5 (40 m3/s)
Seymour in sunshine at a 2 - surf report
How's the Paddling?
Switzerland paddling
Upper Seymour
Let's go for soup in Squamish.
The Island - Solo Canoeing for Kayakers (and pool talk)
Cap'n off a good weekend
Video of Canoes and Kayaks on the Seymour, Nov 5.
Xeymour carnage last weekend (pics and video link)
Cap at 2.5: Sat Oct 29
Seymour Oct 30th - 141 steps
Wood River, RI 10-15-16
B.C. Trivia Quiz
Snake River, YT Canoe Trip, August 6-22, 2016
Wolf Rapid on Selway, Idaho, July 5: Version 1 (view first)
Blackly on Tamihi, Sat., July 6
Chilliwack reports - I was a fisherman!
Team Selway
Paddling the Mooseponds with......Ken?
Sunday June 19: Chilliwack
Checking off the list
Photos from the VCKC's annual "Running of the Cow"
OC playboat course on the Island - how'd it go?
A view from elsewhere
Owyhee Trip Report
Going South. (highlight video)
N Fk Nooksack Canyon
School is in!
Dat Norrish is steep
It's Personal !
The pay off of practice. And going after it + OC1 Video
Washington State Waterfalls
Seemour slackers
Seymour Canyon, OC1 Descent Video.
This Falls Under Tales
Mad Dogs on the Englishman, go out in the noonday rain.
Chilliwack Canyon - Cold and Big.
Year In Review: LCCC
"Scene at the gates"
Carnage at the PNE....
Carnage goes better on Kok.
3 Canoes Entered the Lynn Canyon, What came out?
Kootenay Whitewater
Thompson - Jaws of Death, New link
Da Cap gets pushy at 7.
The "Ain't Bazz Fest"
Chilli Canyon - Nov 29
Dat Canoeing Video.....
Does this count....?
Chilliwack Canyon .....Geez the suns in my eyes
The Cap
Chehalis/Stalu 10.45 on the guage Sunday Nov. 8th
New faces of Vancouver ww canoeing
Thompson - Frog to Lytton
Thompson - Black Canyon
Name that paddler
Guiding up North (edit)
Sun Sep 20: Cap (5.5), Lower Seymour (8, 9)
More old men in the park. . .
Aug 30 on the Cheakamus
Aug 22 on the chilliwack: 11 boaters + paparazzi
Slave River PaddleFest -- Definitely worth the drive!
OC-1 on Callaghan Creek in Whistler
Adams River - Aug Long Weekend
Cheakamus level
Good news!
MAINLANDERS invade the Island!
BCC trip video - Cheakamus, June 13, 2015
Canews Newsletter Summer 2015
Beaver Canoe Club July newsletter
Happy Father's Day Pat (Chilliwack Canyon)
Riding the Cow
Trip Report: Paddle Conference
3 Rivers, Two Canoe Clubs video
Portland LCCC thank you
Live from Portland, in real time.
Sometimes the Seymour is too high.
Stolen video night
Video - John swims Tamihi
Tamihi trip report, Sun, March 8th, 2015
Melt, schmelt.
more Icebreaking
No skiing, no paddling..... No problem.....
Upper Seymour post slide
You think it is raining here?
Celebrating women in canoes --
Chasing butterflies
Kayaker Drops Keyhole Falls - north of Pemberton
The Grand Canyon eh?
Skagit / Sauk yesterday
Upper Alouette today
Statlu/ Chehalis at 10.1
One of these things is not like the others...
Wenatchee video unedited.
Fun in the Snow!
Fun in the Shade
More F in the S
Fun in the sun....
5 Minutes in the Penalty Box
a day later, Greg again
Rogue river report
Lower Columbia Canoe club Nwslettr- Nov/'14
Coquiitlam River Nov 2
Seymour River Epic - 1.8 on the Rock
Trip idea/inspiration in the Cariboo
Speaking of firsts....
3.5 Cap and 3.5 U Seymour
Cap @ 4.5, 3 canoes + 10 kayaks, and sun
Time for a trip report
Spoiler alert: Rafting ahead
Cap @ 2, C1, and breakdowns
Season opener
Thompson River
Busy day on Chilli - park & practice
Beautifull British Columbia
Slave River Paddlefest
Aug 1 Weekend Wenatchee Chihuahua
MacKenzie river, Oregon
Video thief
I went to the States for a saw, & ended up on the Sky...
Eli's coming, grab your boat
Road scouting the Selway, Idaho
The Nationals. You are gonna race on that!!
The Lost Patrol
Men In Skirts
Waves to be had - canoe sailing!
Spius and Nicola reports
Boreal's WRT Course
Coquihalla report
Lochsa River Madness 2014
First solo run as a new mom
The horror, the horror
OC Ambassadors
It's here! The LCCC Weekend Video.
A Beaver in Costa Rica
Costa Rica Picture
Team Utah
Video: March 2014 Whitewater Canoeing
Great video of running drops and setting a record
Chilli Canyon wood alert
Costa Rica Rocks
Last kick at the Cow in 2013
Hmatt travel photos - blog
Rio Azul
Mid-Week Report
Upper and Middle Pilchuck Creek
Cowboaters and Flatlanders get together
Rocky Sunday, Nov 3rd - Seymour vs. Chilliwack
Andrie, the paddle bum.
Unbelievable talent - 4 C-1s on Green Narrows
Kettle on the Clearwater
Cariboo/Chilcotin Week(end) -- the Sequel
Chilcotin trip?
Old friends and thanks you's
North Umpqua/southern Oregon/LCCC
Gatineau River Quebec
Middle Fork and Main Salmon video by LCCC'ers
Babine River: Sphincter II
Thompson: Labour Day Weekend
End of summer fun
Surfer Girl
Chilliwack Long Weekend
Thanks Chilliwackiness
Highlight Reel: Middle Fork of the Salmon 2013
Now -- Cow footage that you can actually see!
How can you have fun on only 8 m3/s?
Wanted: Rivers Week embellishments
An Island perspective of Rivers Week - Princeton Subdivision
Last years joke...
Paddle, lost & found on the Cap
Rivers Week as of Monday (Opening Weekend)
Chehalis - June 23, 2013
Sailing down the Seymour and to a party to boot
Landslide Rapid on the Chehalis
Seven men in skirts, and Bernie's Negligee
Futaleufu River Chile
SF Stillaguamish
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