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Tamihi Five-0 OC Slalom - Sept 16-17, 2017- 10th anniversary!
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T50 locals feedback - master's class?
T50 2016 photos
T50 2016 results
Tamihi 2017 training?
Thank you T50 and CCE
"New Guns in Town" discussion of T50 2016
Don't forget your rain gear!!
May join in on the fun...
T50 Web: Summaries and Annual Results (updated 2016)
Airbags for Tamihi 5-0
Volunteer roles available
Sponsors on-site Saturday - with Esquif's T-Formex!
Options Phil, options
T50 Partner Finder 2016
Head's up - date confirmed for Sept 17-18, thanks CCE!
Save the date - Sept 17-18, 2016
Nooksack Slalom 2015 - Oct 3-4 Glacier, WA - cancelled
T50 RESULTS and discussion - 2015 (preliminary, update 2)
Cowboys Are Coming: The Making Of
T50 Web: Classes and Awards at the T50
T50 Web: About us - T50 Purpose, History and Operations
T50 Web: Rules for T50 Open Canoe Slalom
T50 Web: Directions and Information on Camping
T50 2015 - Partner Finder and other banter
Still Creek Slalom Gates
Nooksak Slalom Race Oct 4/5, 2014
T50 Web: Prizes from Western Canoeing, North Water and more
Good Times at the Chilliwack! 2014 photo show
T-50 Loyalty Award
T- 50 Road Warrior Awards
Tamimi 2014 video
T50 RESULTS and discussion - 2014
2014 photos - Practice runs on Saturday at T50
Tamahi 50
Volunteers Needed
Training in Montana for T 50
Slalom training videos
T50 Web: Costs and Registration Forms
T50 2014 - Partner Match-up
Get prepped for the 7th Tamihi Five-0 in September 2014
Trophy whereabouts
Tamihi Five-0 Trip report in LCCC newsletter
What the...?
T50 2013 Photo Links
Mens Tandem Bronze - video
T 5-0 helmet cam video - The Red Pole Limbo
Nooksack Slalom Oct 5-6, 2013
T50 RESULTS and discussion - 2013
T50 Web: Suggestions and Lessons Learned
C-1s at the T50
Sure quiet...
Saturday practice
T50 Web: Review of Expected Schedule
Win back your entry fees! Thanks sponsors!!
T50 Boat Sharing
"Trashin" the T-50
T50 Matchmaker 2013!
Registration Forms and info for T50 2013
Slalom C1 for sale
LCCC slalom & Rodeo Circuit
Tamihi Five-0 2013 - Sep 14-15th
Laura on T 50 (video)
T50 2012 Photo & Video links
T50 RESULTS and discussion - 2012
Thanks Jay & Christine and all T50 volunteers
Found at Tamihi
Thanks for the T-50
Saturday Practice at T 50
Tamihi Five-0 camping?
T-50 War Horse
T50 matchmaker - Find a partner!
"Tamihi 50 The Movie"
Tamihi Five-0 slalom 2012 - Sept 15-16
5th Tamihi Five-0 in 2012 - Race Dates? (Yes, Sept 15-16)
Nooksack Slalom - Oct 8-9th
T5O Matchmaker - Look here for tandem partners
T50 - Guess the water level contest!
Tamihi Five-0 Open Canoe Slalom - Sept 17/18
2011 OC Slalom Nationals & N.A Champions - July 8-10
2011 Open Canoe Slalom Nationals & N.A Champions
Real slalom races at Tamihi this weekend
Nooksack Slalom Oct 9-10
Tamihi Five-0, Sept 18-19, 2010 - planning & updates
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